2019-Day 73: Daleville zero day with guests!


July 5th, 2019

Our neighbors were far quieter than our stay in Narrows, and we managed to get a moderate amount of sleep. We decided to start the morning with a waffle making bonanza at the hotel’s complimentary breakfast bar. We brought our peanut butter (gotta have protein) and ate two rounds of waffles at a table to ourselves. By the time we left the lobby, I had the sugar/starch sweats and felt like crap, but the waffles themselves were a tasty experience. Then came a morning of staring at a tiny screen to catch up on blogging. I made glacial progress while Oakland lounged and watched tennis on our sizable tv. She also spent some quality time reinforcing the edges of one of our mesh doors to prevent it from tearing away from the bathtub: 


Then came visitors! in the form of my sister-in-law and my two nieces who drove all the way from northern VA to visit us for a few hours on a Friday. They basically spent double the amount of time in their car as they did with us AND they brought us a smorgasbord of treats. So many treats that we had to give some of them back for fear of having to abandon them at the hotel. We had a raucous time in the hotel room while trying our best to keep little food stained hands off of our freshly washed gear and clothing (BEAR BAIT!). Here’s my youngest niece testing out the comforts of my zseat while eating one of the presents her mom brought.


A very cute and tricky scene because of the number of bears in southern VA and the amount of juice in that pear. She also tried on my gaiters and walked around the room with one of them on her leg for awhile:


We finally disembarked for a lunch date at one of the local barbecue joints. Oakland managed to get in a good upside down tickle attack before we left: 


Here’s everyone piled into the backseat:


My oldest niece took the liberty of documenting our meal, which involved a lot of pictures like this:


Then we made a pit stop at the outfitter across the parking lot to pick up our packages from HQ and resupply on postcards. My sister-in-law then generously insisted on taking us to the grocery store for a few items not available in our HQ packages. Conveniently (and strategically), all 3 businesses were in the same shopping center 🙂  We wandered the aisles of the store with these nerds:

IMG_7370*Note Oakland’s TP supply in the basket. If she could, she would have carried the whole package! but we managed to limit her to 1 roll.

Then we had a bit more time with the fam in our hotel room before they got back on the road. I did a small amount of blogging, but I felt overwhelmed and exhausted by the process. We switched over to food organization and opening a care package from my dad and stepmom with specially requested treats (e.g. oatmeal cream pies) and a supportive card (the lightest treat of all). Not long before hiker dinner time, a torrential downpour blew through, putting a damper on our ability to travel without getting completely soaked. 


We dithered over whether to order Chinese takeout from a menu in the room or to go with the known (and very close) entity of pizza. Oakland decided that her unpredictably persnickety stomach would rather experience a known source of pain than potentially go off the rails with greasy chinese food. The rain let up just in time for us to walk over to Pizza Hut. While we waited for our food, it started to sprinkle, and I was drawn outside by the potential for a rainbow. My silly obsession with the sky paid off as evidenced by the faint rainbow in this picture:


We brought avocados and cherry tomatoes from our visitors to augment our salads:


We left with full and aching stomachs. It turns out that two nights of pizza hut in a row is one night too many. We convalesced in our room with the end of the softball championships followed by a partial viewing of Sister Act. Exciting times in hikerville. We went to bed with dread that we would have to leave our cozy, dry abode and hike into a rainstorm in the morning. The weather is predicted to be wet right when have plans to make our exit. Leaving after a zero day is already hard enough, but leaving in the rain is almost impossible. Fingers crossed. 

Mile 729.7 to mile 729.7 (0) 

Checklist total miles: 738.5 

Oakland total miles: 259.1 

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