Day 27: zero edition 

In light of my puffy, aching ankle, very full cood bag (thus heavier pack), and very cheap welcoming place to stay, I took a zero in Delaware water gap today. I feel kind of guilty and wimpy for taking three in a month when other people are just now taking their first day off. I know, I know: everyone’s body and tolerance is different. I can’t help myself, but I’m getting a little bit better at accepting my limits. Maybe? Hopefully. 
I didn’t do my usual routine of writing notes the same day, and I’m more interested in sharing hiking days than town days, so this will be a shortie. We left the decrepit pocono inn this morning in favor of tenting at the church hostel. Before relocating, we had breakfast at the Apple Pie Cafe. We walked in and saw a handful of hikers we met coming out of Lehigh gap. It strange but comforting to travel in this little rotating bubble of weirdos. As we were about to order, moss (owner of disco) sauntered in and joined us for breakfast. He’s a laid back guy, but he is pretty particular about his food. I love seeing other people be rigid. Makes me feel like less of a weirdo. I ordered the “vf sandwich” which was an egg and sausage served on raisin bread French toast with honey drizzled over it. Pretty sure I could have eaten two of them. 

After breakfast, I spent a fair amount of time avoiding organizing my mammoth food supply. I iced my ankle and loafed about. I bought stove fuel at the outfitter down the street. I went to the sycamore grill, which is near the outfitter for drinks with a collection of hikers and had two very fine glasses of ice water. I also had a great time talking to a solo female hiker named buzzcut at the restaurant. She’s in her fifties with salt and pepper buzzed hair and a confident, wise, take no shit air about her with a hearty laugh and a warm smile. 

Then I had a late dinner of homemade dehydrated adobo black beans and thin mints for dessert. Felt tired and lazy after dinner and shirked my writing and organizing duties in favor of a phone call. Overall, it was a great day. The atmosphere at church of the mountain is very relaxed and welcoming. In fact, the whole town seemed pretty welcoming. Now on to writing day 28 notes!

(Today’s headline picture is not the church of the mountain hostel. It’s the deer head inn. The church was hard to photograph and I forgot to try to get a better shot than the weird ones I took yesterday) 
Miles: 0 

Total miles: 290.4 
Creature feature: disco dog! and not much else that i paid attention to. 

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  1. If zero days are what it takes to do this huge thing you are doing? So be it. Think of the millions of us that can’t even fathom making an attempt. Greg would say “rock on” but in your circumstances that may not be a good thing. 🙂


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