Mail drops

Apparently the separate page I created to put info about upcoming mail drops isn’t working, so I’m going to post that info in the main blog area for now and deal with the technical issues some other time. 

If you would like to send me mail along the way, I would love to receive it! Please keep in mind I have to carry whatever you send. Motivational or amusing letters are nearly weightless and much appreciated. Small edible items are great if you can keep the total weight down to about 2 pounds. 

The best way to address your mail is:
J. Johnson

c/o general delivery 

PO address (which I will provide when I can)
City, State & Zip 
Here are my next two mail pick ups and a deadline as to when your mail should arrive. 
By Friday, May 11th: 

Port Clinton PO, 6 Broad St, zip 19549
By Thursday, May 18th: 
Delaware Water Gap PO, 12 Shepard Ave, zip 18327
(Please know that I don’t expect mail. I’m giving this info because a few people have asked for it and it’s easier to put it in one place than respond to separate messages.)

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